TEZ TESt Paper generator
(TEZ tpg)

TEZ Test paper generator is a very innovative software which helps you to create test papers for your institution in just few minutes and it gives you a feature to track your previous test paper, managing of questions (according subject, topic wise), answer keys records, and it surely helps you to save your resources like: time, paper, working hours (yours, yours employees).

Why does management prefer a test paper generator ?

Generating question papers are very crucial tasks for institutions such as selection of questions, typing, managing them, corrections, creating test papers etc. So, here is the solution to help you in this.

Test paper generator are very simple and user friendly, it can help you to manage all the features to generate test paper i.e from selection of questions to printing the different sets in just a few minutes only. That’s why management prefers a TEZ test paper generator software.

Why do you need a Test paper Generator?

Now-a-days, creating an effective test paper or question paper is a very complex, time consuming and challenging job. As we know that one of the most precious things in this world is Time and to help you in your time management our tools surely help you in this. By using this software you can create different sets of test paper in just a few seconds.

How is the current process of creating a test paper different from TPG software process?

In the current situation of institutions, authorities are using the prehistoric way for generating test papers which takes more time, more man power, more institutional time, and is more expensive.

Hidden work process:-
Keep record safe and secure test paper details like (question paper, answers sheet, subjects, topics, date time of test ).

So to reduce or manage all these factors there is one solution TPG software.


Hidden works benefits:-
No need to extra work for safe records,test paper details, question paper, answer sheet, explanation sheet, and important thing is create sets and those answer sheets with full accuracy.