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What is question paper generator ?

It is a software, Quickly creates test paper form list of questions.

Why management prefers test paper generator ?

Now-a-days, preparing an effective question paper is a complex, challenging job, whereas test paper generator makes the task much easier in 3 simple steps.

Why do you need Test paper Generator?

The teacher can prepare the question paper based on level of difficulty for various exams like Unit test, weekly, monthly, standard of examination and also can prepare sets of test within 10 seconds.

How is current process of papering a test paper different from TPG software’s  process?

In current process of papering a test paper.
Selects questions for test paper then type those questions and save answers then proofread of test paper then printable corrections then final step is print test paper.

While instead of whereas

In TPG Software process
Choose Questions and assign Test Details then your test paper is ready (you can print it) and you can create sets of test paper within 10 seconds.


Over this pool of questions typists and teachers are engaged for hours in the cycle of cut- paste- printable-corrections. you can save these hours for other works.

Hidden Benefits of TPG Software ?

  • Can Create multiple Set of test paper within 10 seconds.
  • Automatically save answer key for every test paper and can print it.
  • Can track which questions came in last few test paper.
  • Can set Question difficulty level it’s help for standard of examination.
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